Yair Auron Asks What In the World Perpetrators of War Crimes and Genocide are Doing as Visitors to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem?


“How do we act with regard to genocide committed by other nations?  We deny the Armenian Genocide.  The State of Israel (and not private arms dealers) sold arms to the government of Rwanda at the time they were committing the most rapid genocide in history.  Israeli government authorities prevent scrutiny of the documents that reveal these crimes of the State of Israel.  To send arms to a government that is committing genocide is an act that is similar – forgive the comparison – to sending arms to Nazi Germany at the time of the Holocaust.  The heads of our government did this knowingly and in doing so they insulted the memory of the Holocaust.  They turned me and also you into criminals, accomplices to a criminal act, and accomplices to the commission of genocide.”

“We say ‘Never Again’ but official Israel gives aid to regimes that are committing ethnic cleansing, mass murder, and explusions, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and even to regimes that are committing genocide.  In many cases we are not even what is called the ‘third party’ but we ourselves are among the killers and not among the victims.  To our great shame, we cause it to happen over and over again, and then we bring perpetrators to Yad Vashem.”

Auron, Yair (December 10, 2017).  What do people who are involved in war crimes have to do at Yad Vashem?  Every official visitor to Israel is required according to protocol to visit Yad Vashem.  Last week the chairman of the parliament of South Sudan visited.  He represents a murderous regime that is committing these very days crimes against humanity.  ‘Never Again’?  It depends to whom. Sicha Mekomit [local conversation] – A web news magazine in Israel Mekomit.co.il​