A Resounding Commitment to Democracy by New Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, who Is Hailed by Time Magazine as One of Four People Who Have Fought to Defend Democracy


Armenia’s new prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan, led the protests that toppled the previous government of Armenia.  He insists, “I had no personal motivations.  All I wanted was to win freedom and happiness for my homeland and people… From the very first day, we kept saying we would not to resort to violence against anyone, even if we were met with brutality…I am convinced that we will move forward in building democracy, fighting corruption, establishing an independent judiciary and rule of law, and protecting human rights and economic competition.  For us democracy is not a component of regional interests or foreign-policy orientation but a reflection of values and convictions.  I believe Armenia will be one of the strongest democracies.”

Excerpted from Walt, Vivienne; Bajekal, Naina and Perrigo, Billy (July 19, 2018). TIME Hails Pashinyan ‘Crusader of Democracy.’   California Courier.