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Yehuda Bauer Decries Israel’s Approval of Polish Censorship of Holocaust Information as “Betrayal, Betrayal, Betrayal…,” and also Calls Israel’s Failure to Recognize the Armenian Genocide a “Betrayal”

Professor Yehuda Bauer, doyen of Holocaust studies in the world, who is academic advisor to Yad Vashem said in a radio interview about Poland’s newly announced position of suspending criminal penalties in a law that criminalized blaming Poles for Nazi crimes, that Yad Vashem/Israel’s approval of the correction “borders on betrayal” Bauer said about the

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Poland Removes Jail Penalties for Statements on Polish Participation in the Holocaust But Retains as Civil Crime

Davies, Christian (June 27, 2018). Poland makes partial U-turn on Holocaust law after Israel row: Threat of jail removed for those who attribute crimes of Nazi Germany to Poles. Guardian. Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda, has signed a legal amendment to decriminalise the false attribution to Poland and Poles of crimes committed by Nazi Germany

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Who Sent the Jews to the Ghetto?

The Associated Press  and Aderet, Ofer  (March 22, 2018). Poland Disavows PM’s Father’s Claim That Jews Moved to Ghettos to Get Away From non-Jews. Haaretz English Edition. In a revealing sequel to the original legislation criminalizing any reference to Poles as perpetrators in the Holocaust which was stewarded by Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, the father of the prime

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Poland Seeks to Criminalize any Reference to Polish Participation in the Holocaust

Published in the California Courier January 28, 2018 – The Polish parliament has approved a law that forbids use of the term “Polish Death Camp,” and forbids any other mention of the participation of the Poles in crimes committed during the Holocaust.  Anyone who violates the law, including non-Polish citizens, will be liable to receive a

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