New Books by Yair Auron:

Auron, Yair.  “Whoever Saves a Life… The Banality of Compassion: The Story of the Circassia Muslim Village in the Caucasus who Saved Jewish Children during the Holocaust and its Significance. Resling Publishing House, (Tel Aviv, Hebrew). English edition in preparation.

אורון, יאיר (2016).הבנאליות של החמלה: על הצלת ילידים יהודים בכפר הצ’ירקסי-מוסלמי בסלניי שבקווקז ב-1942.  תל אביב: רסלינג.

Rescuers (Righteous) and Warriors: The Aznavour Family and the “Red Poster” in Occupied Paris by the Nazi Army. Published by (Hebrew). English edition in preparation.

אורון, יאיר (2016) (מצילימ (צדיקים) ולוחמים: משפחת אזנבור ו “המודעה האדומה” בפריס הכבושה על-ידי הצבא הנאצי.

Jewish-Israeli Identity, Sifriat Poalim, Tel-Aviv, 1993, 204 pp. (Hebrew).

The Banality of Indifference: The Attitude of the Yishuv and the Zionist Movement to the Armenian Genocide, Dvir (with Kibbutzim College of Education), Tel-Aviv, 1995, 395 pp. Hebrew).

Les Juifs d’Extrême Gauche en Mai 68, Albin Michel, Paris, 1998, 335 pp.

We are All German Jews: Jewish Radicals in France During the Sixties and Seventies. Am Oved (with Tel-Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University), Tel-Aviv, 1999, 288 pp (Hebrew, translation of the French edition, with revisions). *

The Banality of Indifference: Zionism and the Armenian Genocide. Transaction, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 2000, 405 pp. (translation of the Hebrew edition, with revisions and adaptations). Second Edition, Transaction Publishers, 2001; third Edition, 2003. Published in Armenian in 2013.

The Banality of Denial. Transaction, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 2003, 338 pp.

Denial: Israel and the Armenian Genocide, Maba, Tel Aviv, 200, 309 pp. [Hebrew edition, with revisions and adaptations].

The Pain of Knowledge – Holocaust and Genocide issues in Education. Transaction, New Brunswick, 2005.

Der Schmerz des Wissens (German edition with revisions, adaptations and preface to the German reader and a new chapter). Verlag Edition AV, Lich/Hessen, 2005.

A Perfect Injustice: Genocide and Theft of Armenian Wealth (co-author with Hrayar Karaguezian, UCLA), Transaction Publisher, 2009.

Israeli Identities- Jews and Arabs Facing the Mirror and the Other, Resling, Tel Aviv, 2010 (Hebrew).

Israeli Identities –Jews and Arabs Facing the Mirror and the Other , Berghahn Books, New York, signed contract, to be published in 2010. Or beginning of 2011, Tel Aviv, 2010 (Hebrew).

Israeli Identities- Jews and Arabs Facing the Mirror and the Other, Berghahn Books, New York, 2012 (English).

The Holocaust, the Rebirth and the Nakba, Resling, Tel Aviv, 2013 (Hebrew).The book is translated also to Arabic and English.  Arabic edition,  Madar Publishing House, Ramallah (Palestine).

List of the Books in the Open University Series on Genocide Studies

Volume 1: Yair Auron, Thought on the Inconceivable: Theoretical Aspects of Genocide Studies
Volume 2: Yair Auron, Issac Lubelski (Editors). Racism and Genocide
Volume 3: Arnon Gutful, Genocide in the “Land of Free” – The Indians of North America 1776-189.
Volume 4: Eitan Ginsburg, Conflict and Encounter: The Destruction of the Indian Peoples of Spanish America
Volume 5: Yair Auron, The Armenian Genocide: Forgetting and Denying
Volume 6: Ariel Hurwitz, Hurban – The Destruction of the Jews by the Nazi Germany
Volume 7: Gilad Margalit, Nazi Germany and the Gypsies
Volume 8: Benyamin Neuberger, Rwanda 1994 – Genocide in the “Land of Thousand Hills”
Volume 9: Lydia Aran, Tibet 1950 -2000: Destroying a Civilization
Volume 10: Alek Epstein, Political and Ethnic Cleansings in USSR, 1912-1953
Volume 11: Israel W. Charny, “And You Must Destroy the Evil Inside of You”: We are the Human Beings who Commit Holocaust and Genocide
Volume 12: Yair Auron, So That I Wouldn’t Be Among the Silent

Armenian and Jewish Identities (editor). Armenian University of Armenia, Yerevan (2015) (English).

Reflections on the Inconceivable: Theoretical Aspects of Genocide Studies. Ra’anana, Israel: Open University Press, 2010. (Hebrew).

Edited Books
Between Paris and Jerusalem: Selected Chapters of Jewish Contemporary Thought in France (Editor, Long Introduction). Schoken and Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv,1986, 258 pp. (Hebrew).

Racism and Genocide,Yair Auron and Isaac Lubelsky (editors). Tel-Aviv University and The Open University, 2011 (Hebrew).